Nueva Política de Precios Hasselblad

Hoy he recibido un mail de Hasselblad, (estoy registrado por curiosidad… ) donde anuncian el principio de una revolución de sus precios. De hecho ya comenzaron con la H3DII 31 + un 80mm a un “razonable” precio de 12.000euros. Ahora con Photokina, comentan que van a reducir hasta un 40%, en lo que ha ópticas, respaldos y cámaras. Una de las frases que viene en el mail, habla de que hasta ahora un fotógrafo no se compraba una Hasselblad por el precio, y eso se va a acabar. 


 Aquí os pongo también el texto original del mail en inglés.


 If “no news is good news”, then what is a lot of news?

One of the big news items at the opening day of this year’s Photokina is that, in addition to launching a range of new products, Hasselblad has also announced a dramatic new pricing strategy, with up to 40% savings on all of our digital camera products.  

We are thrilled to be able to offer the finest camera systems in the world at a price that will allow even more photographers to enjoy the Hasselblad level of quality and performance, and want to be absolutely clear as to what this new pricing strategy means for you the photographer. 

What does the new pricing strategy entail?

Simply put, it means lower prices on all Hasselblad digital products. The new, lower price level is based on two primary cornerstones. Firstly, most new high-tech products begin with a high price point, and high-end digital camera products have been no exception. Over time, increased volume and improved production techniques eventually allow lower prices and more accessible products. This is now happening in our industry. We can now produce our cameras at a lower cost and we can pass the savings on to photographers. Secondly, by significantly lowering the retail price we are able to remove the necessity of a trade-up program, which means that even lower pricing is possible. The end result is a simple and straightforward pricing model which allows us to bring the full range of H3DII cameras, from the entry level H3DII-31 to the new H3DII-50 and upcoming H3DII-60, to photographers at a dramatically lower price. And in addition, as the proud owner of a Hasselblad H3D camera, this means that in the future you will be able to purchase new Hasselblad cameras at a lower cost, and be able to keep your previous camera as a back-up. 

For most discerning photographers the only reason not to have a Hasselblad has been that they couldn’t afford one. We hope that our new pricing will enable a whole new generation of photographers to experience these amazing cameras.